What Kinds of Testing Tools Are Required for Conducting Software Testing?

What types of testing tools are considered to be inefficient while performing  software testing? A lot of specialists suppose that test automation tools and coverage analysis tools make the least impact on the improving of software quality. But why?

In fact it is easy to realize that this thought is wrong. Of course these tools don’t cure the ills of software quality. But is it possible to perform software testing of high quality without them?

Coverage calculations are not easy but worthwhile. And in fact, management should express testing and quality goals in terms of coverage. By the way, there are three types of coverage which is impossible not to mention:

3 types of coverage analysis:

  • Code coverage;
  • Requirements coverage;
  • Specifications coverage.

The code coverage analysis is usually used by  software testing company to express the edge coverage percentage. Not all languages support it but if yours support, then it is a very worthy investigation. Other types of coverage analysis are non-technical and not so widely used.

But what are test automation tools are used for? Software testing company uses them with the aim to control the execution of tests and the comparison of actual outcomes to predicted outcomes.

Test automation tools make the process of software testing not so much complicated as it is done automatically without doing everything by hand. Automated testing is appreciated by developers as the fast results of it give an opportunity of improving small errors before the official release.