What Kinds of Sensors Are Usually on a Mobile Device?

It is known that mobile devices are fit out by various sensors that allow the devices to interact with users and orient in environment.  Sensors make our interaction with tablets and smartphones convenient and enjoyable.

But existence and functioning of sensors have an effect on operation of software products. Testers should consider such issues performing  mobile testing. Personal computers do not have such sensors and testers do not have to worry about them executing desktop testing and web site testing.


So, before beginning mobile application testing it is recommended to get to know how the sensors work and how they influence mobile software products. Nowadays there are many types of mobile devices. They are of different sizes and are equipped with different configuration of sensors.

Widespread Types of Sensors on Modern Mobile Devices Are:

  • touch sensors;
  • accelerometers;
  • gyroscopes;
  • magnetometers;
  • touchless input sensors.

All sensors are designed and installed in order to make user mobile experience pleasant and efficient. But they may cause problems as well. That is why a software testing company wants its testers to pay close attention to software product behavior in various situations, under various conditions performing mobile testing.