What Issues are Usually Considered During Periodic Reviews of Testers?

Periodic reviews of the employees’ professional skills and achievements are held by each software testing company. They help to measure progress of every tester in mastering web site testing, desktop testing and mobile testing.

Based on it one can make a decision about promotion of the test engineer or increasing the salary. Such reviews also motivate people to enlarge their knowledge in software testing, learn new methods and approaches to manual and automated testing.

Time, criteria and conditions of the reviews are set individually by every company. Special forms may be spread among the employees that are to be filled in, and then the interview with every team member is appointed.

The Reviews Usually Focus on Such Issues:

  • general feedback about the tester’s work during the reviewed period;
  • in what projects the test engineer participated during the reviewed period;
  • how the tester showed himself or herself at the projects, working together with other team members;
  • what the tester’s mistakes and achievements, weak and strong sides are;
  • at what he or she should work during the next period, how the tester can improve his or her skills in software testing for the next period.

The needed information about the employees is usually provided by the project managers, colleagues, clients’ testimonials, results of their work and their own comments and opinions.