What is the Place of Mobile Testing, Desktop Testing or Web Site Testing in a Software Development Process?

Software development is a complex process consisting of many phases and types of activities and involving many experts in different fields.

Software developers, testers, domain-knowledge experts, product managers and many other are among them. All of them pursue the same aim which is to deliver high-quality product to their customers in time and with least expenditures.

Web site testing,desktop testing or mobile application testing is an essential part of software development process. Software testing concerns not only a software testing company but the rest of project participants as well.


Some people associate software testing only with execution of tests. In fact, tests execution goes after a number of preparatory works.

Before Performing Tests It Is Needed:

  • to learn the project requirements;
  • to design testing strategy;
  • to elaborate test procedures for each type of testing;
  • to provide needed platforms for the testing process;
  • to create sufficient number of test-cases providing necessary coverage of the tested system.

Tests can be performed only on stable software builds. A software testing company must clearly think over and elaborate the process of performing the tests as well as documenting the discovered errors. It must also monitor the progress of the testing process and process of fixing found software bugs.

So, any mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing is a complex process involving many phases and types of activities besides tests execution and it is a component part of software development process.