What is Specificity of Agile Software Development Framework Called Scrum?

People want to return their investments and gain profit as soon as possible. Nowadays there are a lot of methods and approaches to software development and software testing. The new methods are created in order to diminish time and efforts required for a project.

Specialists in web site testing, desktop testing and mobile application testing notice that agile software development framework called Scrum becomes more and more popular.


The Peculiarities of Scrum Are:

  • the project is split into small parts;
  • the parts are coded and verified in turns;
  • each part is developed for a certain small period of time called a sprint; as a rule a sprint lasts for a few weeks; the shorter sprints are, the more agile software development process is;
  • Scrum requires close communication between all the team members; all the team members concentrate their efforts on achieving their common goal –completion the current sprint.

Functional testing, user interface testing, load testing and other testing types show that Scrum allows to create high-quality software products.

It turns out that Scrum is more efficient than traditional approaches to software development. More and more software development companies begin to utilize it. It helps to save money and shortens time to market of the products.