What Is Common Between the Work at Software Testing Company and Different Kinds of Sport? Part II

Let's try to find out what is in common between software testing company and different kinds of sport.


It is not as easy to aim the target as it seems from the first sight. Software testing company just like sharpshooter, know how to focus on the target in the right way. But the target is not so simple, we are talking about trust and respect of clients. Isn’t it the most important point for software testing company?


It is very beneficial for software testing company to go round in circles. Cyclical software development methodologies provide you with more than one opportunity for testing. Isn’t it the point that can give better results?


Just like for software testing company, a good approach is very important for horses when attempting jump fences. It is just like in archery; software testing company should always apply for the right approach. Otherwise it is impossible to achieve high results.


For sure you ask yourself a question now: How software testing can have something alike with wrestling? The answer is really easy. We are talking about wrestling with great amount of information which should be systematized. Because to test the product is not the only important thing that should be done. Software testing company should also provide developers with all necessary information and recommendations.


Of course software testing is like a marathon. And sometimes even a sprint. How can it be in other way?
Hopefully this analogy with sport made you realize how complicated the process of testing is like. But software testing company is always ready to help you even in the most difficult situation.