What Is Common Between the Work at Software Testing Company and Different Kinds of Sport? Part I

Have you thought that software testing can be compared with different kinds of sport? Never? But like any kind of sport work in software testing company takes a lot of time, attention that should be paid, and moreover both of them require great patience.

Maybe software testing company can learn something from different kinds of sport? Let’s try to find it out.


In this kind of sport like in work of software testing company there can be some mistakes at the beginning. But with time it becomes much easier to work. Learning from your own mistakes will be always the best lesson for you and with time you can always avoid them.


Twelve rounds with a super professional boxer can feel like bad software testing. But a lot of practice, time and patience can make you a winner. So a software testing company that uses different kinds of testing like web testing, mobile testing and mobile application testing  can all be used to maximize the quality of software for end-users.


Do you always feel the lack of time when you contest with someone while swimming? Professionals who work at  software testing company are not often allowed to use a lot of time on testing. Work should be always done fast and highly professional. For example: In the process of web testing, the features that are most important for end-users will be tested first of all. But sometimes it is necessary to be ready to change your priorities.


Team work at software testing company can be always compared with team work in hockey. All professionals who work at software testing company are the source of information for each other. Of course there is a great number of different trainings and seminars but being a part of the whole team is the key to success.


Of course disagreements between testers who work at software testing company and developers are very common. But professionals know how to gain developers trust and find the key for understanding. Compromising and team work of software testing company and developer always leads to success.