What Experience Can a Novice Tester Add to the Resume?

Sometimes even IT professionals decide to change their sphere to software testing. But for them it’s much easier to do than for non-IT people, as they already know the basics or even more.

Non-IT professionals usually need to attend courses to learn the things they do not know about IT-field and fill the blank spaces. They may take online courses as well; online training can help to cover the material the same way as a regular one. It’s a good idea to begin from familiarizing with manual testing.

Work-experience is the main thing a software testing company looks for at the resume, so one should do everything possible to gain it.

software testing company

Here are Ways of Getting the First Experience in Software Testing:

  • Participation in dummy project or real ones that are reviewed at the testing courses.
  • Trying to find some freelance possibilities in this field. There is a great variety of them on certain sites, for example, on crowdsourcedtesting.com, odesk.com, qaonrequest.com.  One can also find other variants.
  • Beta-testing is a good idea too. One can participate in beta testing projects; they can provide valuable experience in mobile application testing, desktop testing and web site testing.

The main idea is that one should get some experience in testing and mention it in the resume.