What Device Features Must Be Indicated in Bug Repots?

Software engineers need some additional information besides description of the error and steps to reproduce it in order to locate and fix it.

That is why it is necessary to consider and add to error reports information about the device, installed on it software and other conditions in course of mobile testing, desktop testing and web site testing.

It is Wise to Add Such Data to Bug Reports:

  • The device manufacturer and model.
  • Name, version and subversion of the utilized operation system.
  • Names and versions of other software products operating during the test works.
  • Wired or wireless connection is used during testing; in case wireless connection is utilized, it is necessary to indicate the network type and the provider.
  • Time and date when the defect was found.


In case of performing web site testing on a tablet or on a smartphone or mobile application testing some other conditions must be also taken into account.

In Course of Mobile Testing One Should Include into Bug Reports:

  • movements of the device performed during testing activities;
  • utilized location services;
  • if the device was hot during testing;
  • if the battery was low during testing.

A software testing company knows that all the mentioned aspects are important for reproducing errors, determining their causes and correcting them.