What Can Go Wrong with Computer and Mobile Games?

Nowadays computer and mobile games are very popular among children, teenagers and adults. Due to latest sophisticated gaming and animation technologies the games are user friendly, bright and exciting.

Mobile games involve various way of interaction with the device, including inputs with the help of a touch screen, touchless inputs, inputs by moving of the mobile device and so on.

Modern computer and mobile games are fun and clever, but a software testing company warns that there may be some troubles with using them.


Usual Problems of Computer and Mobile Games:

  1. Games are very resource consuming applications. A game may freeze up or respond with delays as the device works under its performance limits. So, it is wise to execute careful load testing and performance testing of computer games.
  2. Due to insufficient processing capacities the device may display 2D or 3D images in poor quality. Objects on the screen may be of improper sizes.
  3. A game may be not adjusted to a device with small screen. As a result the images on the mobile device may be distorted, inconvenient for taps or touchless inputs.
  4. Text messages of a game may be improperly interpreted in some languages. Fragments of text may be considered to be parts of images and left without translation. That is why localization testing is important for games.

In order to prevent such inconveniences during playing games, it is important to perform mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing of gaming applications.