What are the Main Factors that Influence the Software Testing Project Price?

In the center of attention of a software testing company is bug tracking and deleting. In that case, the price depends on the effort put in bug tracking and troubleshooting.

However, there is another issue that influences project cost, namely – direct harm as the result of either inactive faults or those not detected during the web application testing, mobile application testing or desktop applicaton testing. They have a negative effect on the testing result and its price.

That is why in this article we will discuss bug tracking and deleting price.

When evaluating project price, we may face another problem: the technologies of fault prevention may use important resources to track bugs and remove their source, thus halting certain errors detection. It will be problematic to count this halt, so it is more reasonable to concentrate on the price counted from the effort put in problem overcoming.

Below is the list of the main components of the project price, which works for the most general case, when we have error tolerance and fault containment.

The Three Components of Project Price are:

  • Functional price for using those techniques that may slower the system work, lessen its productivity, or have any other bad effect. For example, if we use recovery block to perform one and the same operation several times, it will inevitably cause lower speed of work.
  • Realization price for designing, performing and ensuring certain features and techniques.
  • Error price for the direct damage described above.

Out of these three components, the error price should be in balance with the others if we want to advocate the usage of important resources for error tolerance and fault containment techniques during  web application testing, mobile application testing or desktop testing.

Customers and users are usually satisfied with the functional price. So if we want calculate the value of the mechanisms of error tolerance and fault containment, the realization price should be in the center of attention.