What are Special Features of Testing Mobile Application Connectivity Issues?

Many defects in mobile programs are coming from unreliable weak network connection. That is why during mobile application testing one should pay considerable attention to connectivity issues.

A software testing company confirms that proper managing of poor connection is necessary for desktop applications as well, and the issue must be checked in course of web site testing and desktop testing.

But mobile software, unlike desktop software, always works with wireless connection, and a tablet or a smartphone is not always utilized near access point where network signals are strong.


So, networking issues must be checked very carefully in course of mobile testing. It is wise to make sure that everything is done properly and no significant issue is missed during checking the software product behavior in different network transition situations.

Testers Should Not Neglect:

  • Observing how the tested application works when the tablet or the smartphone utilizes different mobile operators;
  • Making sure that necessary operations were performed on the application during network transitions.

One can see that the operation is executing during transition if the wheel is spinning. Otherwise the operation was done before or after the transition and serious defects can be overlooked.

Checking of network related issues requires attention and accuracy. At this stage automated testing cannot be applied, the works should be done manually.