What are Potential Security Weaknesses of a Mobile Program?

It appears that mobile software products are more susceptible to various attacks than desktop applications. Web site testing, desktop testing and mobile testing prove that the reasons lie in specificities of mobile technology and modern smartphones and tablets.

Nowadays mobile devices can be used practically everywhere as the networks coverage is vast. Numerous cafes, restaurants, other public places and institutions provide free WiFi. Producers of mobile devices and software products frequently focus more on usability aspects rather than on security.

That is why every security testing should be held thoroughly; it must detect all weaknesses in the application defense.


Together with improving security methods, attackers use more sophisticated methods for stealing or damaging user data. Developers and hackers use the same instruments. Developers utilize them for protection user data and applications, hackers – for penetrating into systems, stealing data and other malicious goals.

A software testing company can confirm that criminals use many different techniques and tools that cannot be detected from the user interface. That is why different experts may work at providing proper security level of a program. Among them are experts in security testing, automated testing, software engineers and other.

Potentially Weak Points in Security of Mobile Programs Are:

  • third party libraries and elements;
  • various data storage on mobile devices;
  • data transferring; exchanging data with other software products, devices and so on.