What are Peculiarities of Mobile Application Work with Wireless Internet Connection?

Work with most of modern applications requires connection to the Internet. It is known that at present there are many types of technologies that can be used for the network connection. This fact cannot be ignored in course or web site testing, desktop testing or mobile testing.

Mobile software products usually utilize wireless connection. Nowadays many types of wireless connection are available. A mobile device may access to the Internet by means of one or another technology, depending on the situation.


As people used to interact with mobile software anywhere and under various circumstances a software testing company recommends to make sure during mobile application testing or web site testing on a mobile device that the mobile application works as intended with any kind of Internet connection.

It is Wise to Check How the Tested Mobile Software Works:

  • when different standards of networking connection are used, for instance, 3G, 4G LTE;
  • with various strength of WiFi signals; besides various WiFi access points radiate signals of different speeds;
  • when some updates are downloaded;
  • when the user utilizes secure and insecure communication.

The mentioned factors may influence over performance of a mobile application. Some networking technologies may be poorly supported by the mobile software product. Such defects must be found during mobile application testing and fixed.