What are Important Usability Components of Web Software?

Today competition between software products is fierce. Many free and paid programs with similar functionality are available for the users. Software developers do their best to attract the users and make their products popular.

Besides rich functionality, among key components of software success at the market is usability. It shows how easy the average user can learn to work with the software, how pleasant and intuitive the product is for the users.

Nowadays usability testing is included in every software testing process. Though every software product is special and unique, there are certain usability standards and requirements for various types of software.

Usability Testing of a Web Application Assumes Checking Whether:

  • there are clear instructions for the users how to perform the needed operations;
  • the texts are relevant, informative, contain no errors;
  • the images and other objects are of appropriate sizes, in proper location;
  • understandable and clear home menu is on every page.

A web software product must comply with web site standards of colors, fonts, frames in order to be widely used. Experts in  web site testing, desktop testing and mobile testing claim that dark and aggressive colors irritate and depress the users, they shouldn’t be used excessively.

The texts and other objects must be clearly seen and do not merge with the background.

Automated testing is inapplicable for verifying usability.