What are Consequences of Poor Test Data Management?

Information technology assumes work with various data, depends on data and is based on data more than any other activity.

A software development process requires working with huge amount of data. Success of software development to a large extent depends on data management. The same refers to web site testing, desktop testing, mobile application testing.

Test engineers spend much time and efforts on creation, and maintaining test data. They have to elaborate, update, store input test data, track and manages the test results.


That is why test data management should be given due consideration in course of any manual and automated testing. Properly arranged data management helps to save time, costs and efforts during functional testing, performance testing, security testing and any other testing type.

If Test Data are Neglected and Poorly Managed Then:

  • the whole testing process is inefficient, its results are unreliable;
  • the project requires much more time, the delay decreases chances of the software product to become successful at the market as the users may get used to the similar competitors’ products that have been released earlier;
  • the testing process may need more expenses to do the works that could have cost less if the test data were well managed;
  • customers’ sensitive data may be lost, damaged or stolen.