What are Common Roots of Software Bugs?

Software products have been evolving for several decades. We have every reason to believe that information technology is one the most rapidly developing fields.

Modern applications are smart and user-friendly. There are plenty types of software products; they are elaborated for various devices, they serve different purposes.

Software developers utilize many methods and instruments for writing better and more complex applications. There are really good technologies allowing to construct nice software with few defects.

But specialists in mobile application testing, desktop testing and web site testing know that error-free programs do not exist nowadays in spite of assurances of the software engineers that their programs are perfect.


Writing code is time consuming activity, requiring substantial knowledge skills and creativity. Programmers do their best, and it’s a small wonder that they consider their products perfect.

Any testing activity should result in error reports. If no software bugs are found during  e-commerce testing, game testing, mobile testing or any other testing type, it means that it was poorly performed.

Frequently Software Bugs Appear Because Of:

  • incomplete requirements;
  • insufficient analysis of the project;
  • usability imperfections;
  • errors in the code;
  • errors in operation logic.

A software testing company would recommend paying attention to these aspects, as thorough examining of these areas always results in finding defects.