How to Test a Website?

Very often people face the strange websites which contain unsafe information; their design arises a dim feeling and unclear messages appear time and again.

As no one else, software testing company has a deal with such websites, programs, and systems. But frequently, the creators of such products are not worried about their quality.

Responsible clients, who are focused on success of their product, know that software testing is an inherent part of the software product development lifecycle. Functional testing, usability checking, load testing, and other checking types will ensure a high quality of the product. 

What Should Be Checked Before the Website Launch?

  • It is very important that the Java Script and CSS modules are not available for the users. In another case, they may change something in the code that will lead to the irreversible consequences.
  • If the website is not public, then only admin may create and remove the profiles.
  • Security testing – an important part of the web products. Especially, this relates the security level of the users’ passwords.
  • The website cannot exist without Google Analytics. One should monitor the number of users (registered, as well as unauthorized).
  • The error messages should be short and clear. It is important that they also contain the information about the possible ways of error removing and time which may be needed in order to fix everything.
  • The website content itself plays a great role. The text, images, video should be updated and rationally published on the website pages.

A special attention should be paid to the website usability, its navigation. Usability testing will help to make the site easy to use. Also, one should work on the product design. It is desirable for it to be interesting, unusual, and qualitative.