What Are the Main Challenges of the Website Support and Maintenance?

Mainly, thorough website testing is performed only during development itself or after the products have been already fully completed. In some cases, checking is executed after the certain changes of structure or site design.

Rather frequently, incorrect website operation or its complete inoperability because of diverse reasons may cause severe results - big finance losses. This relates both large corporations and small companies. Among all the variety of reasons which may lead to money losses, several key ones may be highlighted. 

What are the main reasons of financial losses for a website?

  • The broken external links affect the page rank. If a website contains many links to the non-working websites or the references themselves will be incorrect, then this site position will be low among the search results.
  • The cost of the 404 error (result when requesting a page that does not exist) is rather high, as well as broken internal links. It is import to notice and remove these problems in time.
  • A website should function correctly, regardless of browser. Conducting cross-browser testing, the specialists define any inexactness in the website operation.
  • The presence of the mobile version of a website is currently obligatory because, basically, the users use mobile devices for access to the Internet.
  • Correct operation of the whole website functionality is a key to popularity among the users. For instance, if a user placed the order in the online shop and an error occurs at the step of payment. After that, a few people will buy goods in this online shop again.

Before launching a new or updated website, it is important to fulfil thorough functional testing, compatibility testing, load testing, security checking, usability testing, and etc. Besides, some checking should be executed at certain intervals.