VBScript Specifics

VBScript is a client-side scripting language (such as JavaScript). This language name is short for “Visual Basic Script”. It is a light version of Microsoft Visual Basic.

The syntax of this language is very similar to Visual Basic. It is developed by Microsoft Corporation with the aim of creating dynamic web pages. Due to VBScript the website pages will be more living and interactive.

But the VBScript minus is that it is only a scripting language, it is not able to independently run the code. Another programming language is required in order to manage it. Besides this, there are three environments where VBScript may be launched. 

Where Can VBScript Be Started?

  • IIS (Internet Information Server) - the Microsoft web server.
  • WSH (Windows Script Host) - a runtime, appropriate for the source program.
  • IE (Internet Explorer) - the simplest environment for the VB scripts launching.

The main disadvantage of VBScript is that except Internet Explorer none of the browsers will process the VBScript code. In other words, if a website is looked through via such browsers as Opera, Chrome, Firefox, and others, then the VBScript usage will be useless.

Besides, the type of operating system plays a part too. Hence, VBScript will not be launched on the computers on OS Linux and Mac, it operates only with Microsoft Windows.

Through its existence, VBScript underwent a set of changes. At this moment it is used as a default scripting language for ASP.

The specialists which conduct web application testing (usability checking, functional testing, security control, performance testing, UI checking, cross-browser testing, availability checking, compatibility testing) may also face VBScript.