V-MODEL. Responsibility of QA Managers and Software Testers

V-MODEL Descriptions. Responsibility of QA Managers and Software Testers

User Acceptance Testing

The purpose of User Acceptance Testing is to corroborate that the systems will function within the business environment and deliver all user needs within that environment. Formal sign-off is involved in this phase.

System Integrated Testing

The purpose of the integrated test is to corroborate that the working applications, or group of components, can be entirely integrated to suffice technical, functional and quality demands. Stress testing is one more factor that may be conducted during this cycle.

Application Test

The purpose of the application test is to deliver an application of functionally defined set of system elements that suffice all design demands. So the parts of the unit testing functionality are strung together to complete the test process.

Technical (Detailed) Design

The purpose of the technical design is to develop detailed program specifications derived from the functional and technical requirements.