What is the Actual Use of Project Documents?

Specialists in  mobile testing, desktop testing and web site testing notice that developers often negligently write project documents. Writing and maintain project documentation is often regarded as annoying, useless formality.

This misleading tendency is reflected in the number and popularity of articles and blogs on software development. One can find lots of information on how to create software and perform functional testing, localization testing, compatibility testing and so on. But there are a few articles on how to write project documents.

Experience has proven that such approach to software documentation is entirely wrong. Carefully written documents save much time and efforts of the software producers. 

Software Product Documents Are Needed For:

  • Simplifying  software testing process. They help testers to understand how the program should behave and what is considered to be an error.
  • Receiving different certificates. Organizations granting certificates must carefully study the product to make sure that it satisfies the certificate requirements, first of all they look through the documents.
  • The product promotion at the market. Customers form an opinion about software based on its description in the documents. If the documents give clear and exhaustive information about the product, the customers may want to buy it or study more carefully, if the documentation is poorly written, no one will look at the product itself.