Tips on How to Unite Automated Testing with Mobile Application Testing

If you are a rapidly developing software testing company, you should have at least one automated testing specialist in your team. This type of software testing is very important and nowadays it is often conducted.

In order to become a skilled hand in it, we offer you some pieces of advice as to how to automate your software testing. Namely, let us discuss mobile testing automation.

How to Test Using Carrier Networks?

Carrier networks may be important for your testing as it may affect the returned results.

If your connection allows you to do it, you should run your tests over carrier networks and then compare the received responses. If they are not identical as in should be, then you should analyze the differences from user perspective. Namely, see to which extent these changes will affect the user.

Make sure that your test scripts record the used carrier network, compare the response to a known reference page and highlight differences.

How to Time the Request/Response Pair?

One of the main problems of mobile applications is that they are usually slow in work.

Actually, modern programming languages may measure the time it takes a certain application to perform something. If you use a timer when running similar tests on several carriers, you will have a general idea about the speed of each of them.

What May Influence the Speed of an Application?

  • The protocol with which the user connected;
  • The number of active connections to the local base station of the provided operator;
  • The distance to the local base station;
  • The physical topology;
  • The work of the mobile device;
  • Weather situation.

How to Check Whether the Appropriate Content Is Being Served?

Large international websites tend to deliver such a content to users that is appropriate for each of them.

Factors that affect the content selection include:

  • Which device was used?
  • Is the scripting supported on the client?
  • Where is the user located?
  • What content would user prefer?

In order to check these requirements, automated testing should be used. If they need to process scripts, try using third-party open-source libraries.