Training Real Professionals in Usability Testing

If your software testing company conducts high-quality usability testing, all of you will benefit from it.

Make usability and user-centered design a vital part of your work, no matter if you work for a software development or a software testing company.

Who of your employees is a professional in usability? In order to find it out, you may conduct a competition among your workers. You can give an assignment to every project group that you have. The competition stimulates better work results.

After you have singled out the champions, make them cooperate and exchange experience. Make them in charge of usability issues at every project group.

Post Successful Results of Your Usability Testing

If you want to benefit even more from the competition, you should stimulate winners. Publish the results of the success of their usability testing. No one wants to see written proof that someone is better, so it will stimulate better results inside your organization.