Tools for Testing From HP

Mercury Interactive is a company known for its developments in the field of testing, which allowed essentially complete portfolio of solutions of HP BTO Software (Business Technology Optimization).

HP QualityCenter

It is a software product, which is an integrated suite of tools on the Web platform, designed to build and support the process of testing of applications, as well as to ensure close interaction in the team of testing experts. It includes modules of management requirements, releases and cycles, test cases and test module and analytical reporting portal.

HP QuickTest Professional

A set of tools allowing to automate functional testing and regression testing of software systems created with the main development platforms. The product supports such media as the Windows Presentation Foundation, Macromedia Flex, Ajax, Delphi, PowerBuilder,. Net, J2EE, ensures work with Web-services, and also takes into account the features of ERP-and CRM-applications.

HP LoadRunner

It is software for automating of load testing of wide range of software environments and protocols. It supports SOA, work with Web-services, Ajax, RDP, SQL, products Citrix, Platform Java,. Net, as well as all the major ERP-and CRM-applications from PeopleSoft, Oracle, SAP and Siebel. HP LoadRunner package includes more than 60 monitors collecting data about test infrastructure and provides a detailed diagnosis of applications work.