Should Testing Be Oriented Towards the User?

Software testing company is focused its activity on the end users. Altogether, for the better results achievement, the testing process should be always oriented to the user.

Some types of testing, for example, performance testing, are fulfilled with the accordance to the modeled features of the user behavior. As the result, all peculiarities and wishes of the user are concerned – the product is effective. 

What Should Be Concerned by a Tester for the Orientation to the User?

  • Orthography. (Some users pay special attention to the word spelling and any grammar mistakes bring out a lot of emotion. For example, the word “caTherine” instead of “Catherine” can put someone out of humor for the whole day.)
  • The word spacing. (Cohesiveness of text perception can be destroyed because of the different intervals between the words in one sentence or between the text lines.)
  • Specific symbols. (In this situation, there are two variants of the case scenario. The user may either do not pay attention to the unknown symbols, or he will try to get to the bottom and clear up the meaning of the symbol.)
  • The HTML code persistence. (Unexperienced user typed something in the text window by chance and, hence, changed the work of the code.)
  • The text size. (Too long text lines are inconvenient to read and this can annoy the users.)

All the above-mentioned items are able to any extent to change the tester approach to the checking process. Having executed software testing with the orientation towards the user, the product quality would satisfy the most demanding client and user.

Why Software Can Have No Success Among the Users?

  1. JavaScript is not launched if the user switched it off.
  2. An indicator of the possible data leakage is too long software loading.
  3. A limited quantity of people can simultaneously use the application.
  4. The wideness of the text fragment is not changed accordingly to the screen size.
  5. Out of time browsers cannot ensure the appropriate JavaScript work.

Therefore, performing usability testing, configuration testing, system testing or mobile application testing, one should be focused on the product users.