The Difficulties of Session-based Testing

Software testing – an inherent part of the software product development cycle. There are different types of testing depending on the test purpose. Each of them has its own specifics.

Exploratory testing raises considerable questions and contradictions. Executing this type of testing the specialists divide the scope of work to be done in sessions.

Often software testing company  uses such practice in its activity. The session nature of the checking promotes the test process regulation and significantly reduces it. But nevertheless one will not escape the difficulties in such a case. 


What Are the Difficulties of Session-based Testing?

  • The two testers’ work under the one project. This situation is not a problem if the interaction between the specialists during one session is effective and the work is really performed by the mutual efforts. For example, manual testing can be rather complex and widespread.
  • The one session for the whole day. Frequently, the specialist should fulfil two and more sessions per day. But sometimes it happens so that one long test session takes the whole day. In this case, it needs to mention the work duration in the proper line of the session document. Sometimes it is absolutely irrational to divide one session into several because it is necessary to create certain documentation for each of such session.
  • Interrupted session. Conducting functional testing, the specialist is fully focused on the current work but the emergency call from the developer or the client can interrupt him. No one is immune to the unexpected situations. The session breaks are not forbidden but they are also not desirable.
  • The checking out of the session. There are cases when a tester performs testing of this or that system component and only during the test process itself realizes that this part of work should be imported to the session. He may execute it after the event. A specialist creates a certain document for a session and describes all actions which he conducted and also the received results.