Software Testing as the Trip Along the Minefield

Software testing – a process of bugs detection for the purpose of the top-quality product development for the end users. This process to some part reminds the mines searching in a minefield.

Executing system testing, a specialist is supposed to be situated at the minefield and try to achieve his goal. The complex and multifunctional systems are the minefield for a tester.

Software testing company cares about the software products do not contain the bugs. But during the development, the systems resemble the minefield which covers a lot of threats.

Obviously, it is better to choose the reliable and safety ways. But, speaking of testing, this is far from it. The purpose for the software checking is the bugs detection, not their avoiding.

Conducting performance testing or usability testing, the specialists are like researchers. They try to use different methods and ways for their main aim achievement – the bug-free product development.

The same actions reproduction is naturally useless. But is it really this way? Can the same action be repeated to the smallest details? The opinions on this subject are divided.

A Testing Dilemma:

  • It is better to fulfil things which have not been done yet;
  • It is impossible to repeat something with the absolute accuracy.

One can debate endlessly about it. Some think that the absolute repetition of some process is impossible. The test conditions are not static, and the testing parameters are constantly changed. One can perform testing very similar to the previous one but not the same.

What Should Be Considered Repeating the Test Process?

  • Already known data;
  • Important and necessary data;
  • The cost of the reproduced process.