Software Testing as a Judicial Trial

Seemingly, what is common between software testing and a judicial trial? The presence of evidences – this is what. But for each of these fields of activity, the evidences have its own form and the purpose of using.

Software testing includes the recording of all executed operations and their results. However, this is not only about test documentation but also the attendant notes.

In the case of introducing error, the tester’s notes can significantly simplify the correctness process. It is very important for a specialist, which not involved into this project, to be able without any difficulties to reproduce the whole test process with the help of notes and documentation. 

What Should Be Recorded During Testing?

  • The ways of movement and the path itself;
  • Valid data input;
  • Choosing parameters;
  • Time, needed for the execution of one or another function.

Everything that is fulfilled and occurs as the result should be written down. What now seems to be clear and simple, in some period of time can cause difficulties.

The notes serve as insurance in the case of emergency situation. An attendant documentation will become some kind of evidence of the responsible tester’s work. But it is not that simple.

Each step and action registration takes a lot of time, and for a tester time is very valuable. Performing mobile testing or desktop testing under the pressure and in the stress situation, it will be difficult for a tester to fulfil the work qualitatively.

A tester who conducts system testing or usability testing can be assisted with the test partner. While a tester is focused on some detail, a helper is fixed all attendant information.

The screen capture tools will also be of great use. This significantly saves time and it is not necessary to involve other people. In one window, an application for screen recording is opened, and in another one – all necessary things for the software testing execution.