A Tester and a Developer: Together Through Foul and Fair

Development company and software testing company always closely collaborate for the common goal achievement. Many IT specialists underestimate this interrelation.

Besides, some developers perceive the testers as enemies who only complicate the tasks. But the testers are not saints – they often add fuel to the fire, especially executing regression testing.

It is important that all members of the development process realize the importance of each team member and work for the common good. Really, performing system testing or unit testing, a specialist is hard to stay calm if a system is full of bugs. A poorly written bug report, for example, may irritate a developer.


How to Promote the Tester and Developer’s Cooperation?

  • It is necessary that both specialists are worried, in the first place, about the user and consider the product from his standpoint.
  • The project team cohesion and team spirit raising will help to remove small misunderstandings.
  • It is important that a test team does not expect that the developers will immediately debug all defects after the bug reports received.
  • The developers, in their turn, should understand that all system bugs are impossible to be detected in 5 minutes. Qualitative software testing or desktop application testing requires time.
  • The distance between the development and test teams plays a great role too. If the specialists work closer to each other, this will help to solve the communication problems.

The collaboration between testers and developers are of great importance for the effective checking. The product creation of a really high quality will be impossible without this.