Why Are Test Scenarios Required?

Performing software testing, the specialists create test scenarios that are also called test conditions or possibilities. The test scenario is any functionality that can be checked. Besides that, the specialists execute scenario testing.

The test scenarios are created because of some particular reasons among which there are the following ones:

  • ensuring complete test coverage;
  • checking of the most common variants of utilizing the application or system under test;
  • determining the means required for testing;
  • specifying the most important end-to-end transactions;
  • the basis for testing end-to-end functionality.


But in some cases, there is no need to develop the test scenarios.

When may not test scenarios be created?

  • If the application is too complex and unstable.
  • The time for checking the product is strictly limited.
  • The creation of test scenarios is not typical for the projects with applied Agile methodology (Scrum, Kanban).
  • Conducting regression testing, the specialists may also not use the test scenarios.

Performing web testing or mobile testing, the specialists create the test scenarios according to the specified algorithm.

How to create test scenarios?

  • Familiarizing with all available project documentation.
  • Defining the possible user actions, technical aspects of the requirements, and potential causes of a system crash.
  • Listing different test scenarios for verifying the system features.
  • Creating the traceability matrix.
  • Checking of the developed scenarios by the client’s side.