Software Testing: How to Say ‘No’ to the Narrow Thinking

Quite often software testing company hearsnegative comments that any development process may easily go without quality checking, that software testing is only a waste of time and money.

The big successful companies knew from their own experience that these are just empty phrases of the startups which try to save on everything possible thing. Quality control and checking is an inherent stage of the development cycle.

The testers do not simply perform the same test cases for all systems and this is not only exploratory testing. Each successful product has dozens and hundreds of hours of continuous testing and preparation for it.


What Does Testing Process Include?

  • The mental model of the product under test. Such model allows a tester to deeply realize and estimate checking scope, possible risks, and project’s results.
  • The effective tests creation. Possessing already prepared mental models, the specialists decide what and how to test. After this, they design and write the necessary test cases on the basis of the received results.
  • The direct test execution. When the cases are ready, manual testing or automated testing are conducted. Sometimes only a part of the tests undergoes automation.
  • Results analyzing. It is followed by the error detection process, a certain priority and severity level assignment in accordance with the functionality requirements for the system. 
  • An effective reporting. The test report should obligatory involves the steps of bug reproducing and all important and necessary for this information.

In order to manage not only the test execution process but the whole checking procedure, the project members may use the complex testing tools.