How to Effectively Manage Test Data?

In its activity, software testing company uses the “test data” concept, meaning the parameters which are utilized for a certain product checking (conducting mobile testing, web application checking, desktop testing).

Each tester knows that test data and the product itself which is tested for bugs and errors are interconnected and affect each other. Test data is the driving force of the whole test process.

Managing of test data involves not only the generation of necessary data out but also the analysis of the requirements for text data and these data structure development. Without well-thoughtful data checking strategy, automated testing or manual testing will not be qualitative and effective.


What Will Help to Establish the Testing Managing Process?

  • To strictly and clear define what product or organization is the owner of test data.
  • It needs to make assure that test data can be used multiple times. The only exception is test data which are not aimed to the re-use.
  • It is important to think over the structure and the borders of the whole base of test data.
  • One should also figure out the peculiarities of test data which are necessary for the specified test scenarios.
  • If the interaction of the various current test data elements is unclear and full of different gimmicks, it needs to define what types of data have the primary importance and what are dependent. This will help to determine the interrelation principles between test data.

Despite the necessity for the deep analysis of the above-mentioned pieces of advice, additional checks, and the possible issues solutions, these recommendations application will positively affect the software product testing outcomes.