Tests Code: Apple of Discord Between Tester and Developer

Frequently, software testing company gives a free hand to a tester with the programming skills for the test code creation and support. It is not a big deal.

But what if exactly software developer is the best specialist for such kind work execution? He may perform the appropriate modifications of the tests code, based on the system peculiarities in which code he, by the way, is well acquainted too.

Thus, automated testing will be always fulfilled without failures and any complications. A tester will need only to launch auto tests and analyze the results. Will it be more effective and rational practice? Not always. 

Why Is Tests Code the Testers’ Duty?

  • A tester better knows for what purpose a code should serve, what scenarios should be taken into account, and how everything should work in the context of the system checking, not the development.
  • Knowing more about the automated test scripts, a software testing specialist will better understand and analyze the received results.
  • Most likely, the testers will perform unit tests on the basis of their own code in order to know and save all necessary conditions. The developers may perceive unit testing as a way of checking of ready live code.
  • The tests code is always in a tester’s priority and it only disturbs the developer from the creation of code of the product itself. The outcome of such situation may be a low quality of the written code and irrational prioritization.

In other words, the concept of tests code creation and support by the developers is not so good. Executing software testing, desktop testing or mobile testing, the specialist is focused on the qualitative checking conduction. If developer can estimate the situation from the perspective of quality control, so why not.