Superstitions in Software Testing

Superstition is vain faith, faith in the blank.

Software testers, like all other earthlings do not stand aside and trust. They believe, sometimes with no specific reason for it.

Software Tester Career Superstitions

  • The position of the software tester must necessarily be in the project
  • If we will have enough time to check all the features of tested products, we will find all the bugs
  • The introduction of test automation reduces the amount of routine work
  • Well-described documentation is everything for us! No documents – not quality.
  • Quality of the product depends on the tester
  • Issue release at time – to a very tricky error that the customer will find at the first test

Managerial Superstitions about Testing

  • Testers are cheaper than programmers
  • If the project has a new tester, the number of errors that programmers do will grow
  • More time for testing – the fewer mistakes will get to the customer
  • Testers did not ask for additional time for testing – testers do not work at all

Programmer Superstitions about Software Testers

  • E-mail / «typing» in the messenger from the tester – to bug
  • Tester tests long and keeps silence / nervously smoking / smiling mischievously / – to very big bug

Post-Crisis Superstitions about Testing

  • If there no bonuses in the last year / quarter / month, then it surely will be next year
  • Job change – it is a bad omen.

And in what do you believe?