5 Characteristics of Successful Software Testing Team

Any software testing company has its own team, consisting of the departments. But not every ordinary tester can imagine the full hierarchical arrangement of this process. Let’s consider each stage in details.

People, working in the software testing sphere, possibly, asked themselves not once, whom they worked for. Usually, people, interested in testing, are divided into two groups: internal (people who execute testing and manage this process) and external (those, who directly use the software). 

These Are Internal Group People Interested in Testing:

  • Testers. These people directly conduct mobile testing, website testing, and desktop testing.
  • QA leads. They manage the testing working process and watch over whether everything corresponds to the test plan and other documentation.
  • Software development team. A team, which designs the software and improve its functionality, and fixes the defects detected by the testers.
  • Project managers. The purpose of each test procedure – either automated or manual testing – high-quality software achievement within the lowest expenses. Project managers distribute the human resources and are responsible for the final project status.
  • Technical support team. These people should maintain the users and client support under the arising technical questions.

Nowadays, due to the big amount of the advantages, outsourcing software testing gains popularity. But each client should remember that the internal team is to consist of the professionals because this factor is an integral part of the successful software release.