How to Achieve More with Static Testing?

Unlike dynamic testing, a static check is performed without using such software developing artifacts as code, requirements or design.

The specialists rarely pay close attention to this type of testing; despite the fact independent validation and verification include a static testing. This type of quality control involves using different kinds of checks and reviews, searching the violations of testing standards, etc.

If the tester does not have much experience in static testing, he or she should better make a detailed plan of the entire process and use the principles of dynamic testing. Software testing company takes care about the professional level of its employees; that is why the lack of experience could be easily negated by skills of the other colleges. 


What Should Static Test Plan Consist of?

  • The list of documents to be reviewed.
  • The methods, used for reviewing the documentary.
  • The type of analyses required for each document.
  • The criterion, on the basis of which the documentation will be approved.
  • The step-by-step description of the reviewing procedure.
  • The list of required tools.
  • The division of responsibilities between all members of the project.
  • The list of employees assigned on checks.
  • The timetable and deadlines of static testing.

The testers should not spare many efforts on static testing because manual testing and automated testing have already supplied the specialist with enough experience of finding defects in design, code or bad-written specification.

In such a way, static testing is one of the aspects that provide a high quality of checking a software product. And the goal software testing pursues is a high quality of developed systems and applications.