What Is SQLite?

Performing testing of web application and programs (banking system testing, e-commerce checking, online store testing), the specialists check the database correct operation.

SQLite is a system for managing databases. It was designed in August 2000. It is an open source software product. Its size is merely 500kb. It is too small in comparison with SQL server or Oracle.

The SQLite system is not a client-server database management system. It is a built-in library which one can address to or directly use it. And hereby, there is no need for installation and configuration process.

Usually, SQLite database is contained in the computer disk in one file with all objects: tables, data view, event handlers, and others. A specially dedicated server is not required. 

When should SQLite be used?

  • SQLite is a great choice for creating the built-in software for such devices as mobile phones, cameras, domestic electronics, and so on.
  • Via SQLite, one may process the HTTP queries traffic of a low and medium level.
  • If it is necessary to save the file archive, then this tool can create the small size archives and include a bigger amount of metadata than simple zip file.
  • One can use SQLite as a temporary dataset if it is necessary to process some data in the application.
  • The system is also well suitable for purposes of studying and training as neither installation nor configuration is required.

If the specialist is familiar with the operating peculiarities of the database which is used in the product, then performance testing and functional testing will be more effective and successful.