Some Glimpses of Automated Testing

What actually is automated testing? This is usability testing performed with no human interaction. This is a special program developed for collecting data about program usage. At certain points of testing it collects feedback from users by means of multiple choice or yes/no questions.

The Benefits of Automated Testing

One of the main benefits is the ability to collect large amounts of data from lots of users. In such a way you are able to gather feedback from thousands of users in one go.

The program later analyzes the answers and combines the obtained data with click-throughs and amount of time.

The main emphasis thus is placed on quantitative information. If you want to gather qualitative information as well, special text windows are added to the feedback section, where users can write down their thoughts and opinions about the product. However, what you do miss is the emotional state and mimics of the user, which you are not able to see.

A good software testing company will advise you not to use only one method of software testing. The best way to check product’s usability, for example is combining usability testing and automated testing.

Tips for Conducting Automated Testing

  • This method is most suitable for web site testing and all the software that runs under a web browser.
  • Automated testing can be combined with validation testing for checking the bugs you came across earlier.
  • Pilot testing is a vital part of automated testing as the tasks and questions should be 100% understandable for the users of you want to receive valid data.
  • It is not advisable to use time-on-task measure as you should take into consideration the time a user spends on reading the question/task.