Some Facts about Software Testing, Quality Assurance and Quality Engineering

Frankly speaking, it is absolutely impossible to completely eliminate the software problems and make it free from later negative aftereffects.

Various types of software testing are implemented (mobile testing, website testing etc.) to either avert the appearance of errors and problems or if it impossible to avoid them, to lessen the chance of their appearance as well as the level of their negative effect.

This is why we will speak on what a great role a good software testing company plays in developing a high-quality software.

Among all the quality assessment activities a software testing company can offer, software testing is a number one priority activity. By checking the work of software systems and their functions, test engineers can evaluate, whether the software runs according to the product requirements.

If it doesn’t, the prevention activities should take place in order to locate and fix all the found problems in software code. Sometimes it may include the software design change.

So, through various types of software testing (mobile testing, website testing etc.), the chance of an end-user facing any problems with software work is reduced to a minimum and thus its quality increases.

If the software works as it is stated in the product requirements software testing company still has work to do.

To prove the quality of the product, the corresponding information should be collected to demonstrate the software’s smooth work.

So if you are looking for a quick and efficient way to evaluate software quality, software testing is what you need.

Of course, there exist other methods for quality assurance but for software testing.

Alternative Methods of Quality Assurance:

  • inspection;
  • formal verification;
  • error prevention;
  • fault tolerance.

Inspection is a thorough check of software code by professional inspectors aimed at eliminating the errors “on the spot”.

Fault tolerance is the ability of software systems to prevent faults even if any local problems do appear.

Other quality assessment activities require certain means for their work.

Besides, all the mentioned quality assessment activities should be managed into the so-called software quality engineering process.

The quality aims should be chosen at the early stage of product development as well as quality assessment strategies.

Besides, the developers collaborating with  software testing company engineers may provide a high-level software analysis, summarizing the data collected during software testing with information from general software development process. These data may influence project management and greatly improve software quality.