Software Testing Reports. Why Do We Need Them?

One of the requirements of a good software testing company is a software testing report written after any type of testing is performed (mobile testing, web site testing etc.).

There is a direct connection between the way you treat your report and its quality.

If you think that your report is simply the heap of your work results, this is exactly what it would be like when you finish it. And if you want to express your intelligence via heavy-crammed report full of statistical data, it won’t be appraised. Besides, people who will read it might be slightly puzzled when they get it.

What Are the Features of a Good Software Testing Report?

  • it should stimulate the developers to change something in the product;
  • it should provide a detailed description of performed actions;
  • it should contain guidance for the coming activities.

But what is most important, the report is a communication conductor. Thus, it shouldn’t be boring and too scientific.

If you want to show what a great worker you are, don’t write a report that only you understand how to decipher. You will scarcely benefit from it and most likely will have to rewrite it.

Would you ever cooperate with a software testing company, if its engineer after having performed usability testing, sends you a report that is highly unusable?

Treat your report as if it is a story you want to tell and make sure all the report sections correspond to this story. In such a way you get a logically structured and easy to read report that puts you and your company in a beneficial position.