Management in Software Testing

Many various recommendations, related to the management in the IT sphere, are available at any time and in a great amount now. However, the information about the effective development practices and testers’ team maintenance are much less available.

Software testing company pays special attention to the team spirit creation to all its specialists. Teamwork as an entire unit is more effective and qualitative. Each makes efforts to the general result achievement. Automated testing or manual testing will be not sufficient if every man in a team is on his own.

Software testing will be successful and the team – united if several facts about the testers’ work peculiarities will be taken into account by managers and team leads. 

What Are the Key Peculiarities of the Test Team?

  • The originality of thinking. The testers perceive software and its qualities in their own way. The specialists are sure that any product contains bugs. The process of bugs searching and detection brings joy to the testers. Their purpose – to discover as more errors as possible before release.
  • The purpose of the work. Each employee, involved in the software development process, follows his own goal. The developers, testers, administrators, and so on – all of them have their own tasks and aims. If every stage of software development is executed in accordance with all specifications and standards and the work of the whole team is effective, then the product itself will be successful. Everything is interrelated and impacts the whole process.
  • It is impossible to test everything. Today the very complex systems are developed and used and a lot of time and efforts are required for their checking. Conducting functional testing or performance testing, the specialist cannot test each aspect of the system in detail. And other members of the development process should not require the testers to do impossible things in the shortest time.