Documentation - Tester's Weapons

The specialists fulfil mobile testing, desktop applications checking or web application testing, considering many factors and thoroughly preparing for the test procedure.

All types of software testing (automated or manual testing, security control, usability testing, load testing, unit testing and etc.) involve the creation of certain documentation which helps to organize and establish the process.


What Documents Are Necessary for Testing?

  • Test plan
  • Test designing specification
  • Test case
  • Test procedure specification
  • Test item transmittal report
  • Testing protocol
  • Test incident report
  • Test summary report

First four types of documentation from this list are created before the test procedure itself and sometimes even before the development process. This documentation also needs for the scripted testing execution. The main idea of this checking type is to plan the tests on the basis of the formal requirements for the system.

There is no need to create absolutely all types of the mentioned documents for the one or several system properties checking. The documentation selection which will be utilized for software testing depends on the product peculiarities, on the specialist himself, and on the internal regulations of the company itself.

Each document consists of several elements or sections which describe and define the test environment peculiarities, the system characteristics which should be tested, the input data parameters, and much other information, required for the qualitative checking.

It is very important to accurately treat the new documentation creating process. Test plans, test cases, and specification are the tester’s assistants. One should not neglect them or percept the documentation writing as a formality or a waste of time.