Testing as a Sort of Business Activity

Software product testing is not only the process of system functional checking, and the process of detection bugs and mismatches of the developed product with the available requirements.

Software testing is also one of the types of business activity. It is known that there are two main types of activity in business. Each type means its specified developing and functioning system.

Software testing company also follows the proven business development tactics and strategies in its activity.  What type of business activity is testing referred to? Firstly, one should puzzle out in more details what are the types of activities in business. 

What Are the Main Types of Business Activity?

  • Production. The manufacturing companies provide the production of various kinds. These can be food, jewelry, electronics, and etc. The construction firm is a clear example of the manufacturing company.
  • Services. Not all companies are created in order to manufacture something. Many of them are engaged in service industry. For example, the law firm does not provide the laws independently. This type of company provides all possible kinds of services in the juridical sphere basing its activity on the already existed laws and administrative orders.

With regard to the software QA sphere, then the testers also do not develop their own production. Thus, executing usability testing or mobile testing, the specialists do not create an application or a new product. They only promote the release of the qualitative system which meets all requirements.

The product development itself – the task of the developers, engineers, and system admins. Conducting automated testing, the QA specialists may use tools which were already developed by someone else.

Written test cases and scripts are not the goods, as they have a very narrow application area and a limited term of usage – only during the new product development process.