The Peculiarities of Testing as a Process

There are many disagreements to the question whether software testing may be considered as an activity or not.

Some IT sphere specialists are sure that quality control is not an activity; it is more likely the complex of multifunctional operations. Software testing company is an entire unit in which each employee is responsible for the general product quality.

It follows that each specialist is involved in a specified type of activity. Various tasks and issues require the presence of special skills and abilities, and also a certain way of thinking.

How Are Tasks Distributed Between Different Specialists?

  • Exploratory testing, white box checking, unit testing, performance control, installation testing – one specialist, frequently, performs various types of checking on different projects.
  • The developers create and launch module and integration tests. Also, they check the code and remove the discovered bugs. All these tasks are referred to the test process.
  • There is even such position as software development test engineer. The duties of this specialist involve the various checking types’ execution, and also the automated test scripts creation and running, work with the automated frameworks, and so on.
  • Besides this, other team members may be engaged in the test process. For instance, the support team often makes a significant contribution to the product quality control procedure.

But it is important to remember that, although, each team member is responsible for the end product quality but still each of them performs only the defined tasks which are connected with the specifics of the main duties.