What Is Software Development Cycle?

All specialists which would like to work in the IT sphere or have already made the first steps should get acquainted with the peculiarities of each software development stage. It is necessary to realize the whole picture of such a process entirely.

What Are the Components of the Software Development Cycle?

  • System development and modeling
  • Technical requirements analysis
  • Product design
  • Code generation
  • Software testing
  • System upgrade

The development process begins with the determination of the general concept and the purpose of the future product. For this aim, the necessities and requirements of the users, the situation on the market, and the presence of similar products are collected and analyzed. Then the general modeling and the planning of the product functionality are executed. After this, the documentation process of the technical requirements for the system is carried out. 

The developers and testers should fully understand all established requirements for the program's performance and functioning. With the help of programming languages, they work on software creation. This stage is the most time-consuming and complex.

The product design is developed in accordance with end-users wishes. The quality of the created design and generated code is checked by the specialists of the software testing company. The testers monitor one or another aspect of the system with the help of different types of testing.

Black box testing, performance testing, regression testing, functional testing, and many other types of checking to show the quality of the code working which is created by the developers. Executing user interface testing and usability testing, the specialists test whether the product design is developed in accordance with the specified client’s requirements and its orientation to the end-user.

If all aspects correspond with the requirements and the users are satisfied with the product, then further system development or some of its functions modification can be carried out. And a cycle is repeated again.