Skills and Personality Traits of Professional Software Tester

There are a lot of proclivities that are very important for the good tester. We would like to explain some of them:

Professionalism. The tester should be sure that the product has bugs and the test team will find them. Testers should maintain the quality of product, but they mustn’t do so in personal way.

Curiosity. Testers need to bring curiosity to their work. A lack of it leads to perfunctory test cases that don't discover the most important crannies.

Tester must be willing to accept a supporting role in software testing company and to work hard.

Ability to focus. It means understanding the key priorities. Sometimes it is hard because those priorities tend to change.

Professional tester should be able to provide next kinds of testing:

Automated testing, thatis the most appropriate type of testing when a product changes often, but has large functionality.

Functional testing, because it holds the key position in the process of developed software products quality assurance.

Installation testing. It’s important to make sure that user does not face any difficulties while installing the software.

Manual testing. This process is easily adaptable to changes and easily copes with new challenges.

Usability testing that offers the opportunity to receive feedback from the users before it is too late to do anything about it.