Where Can a Freelance Tester Find a Job?

Not all the test engineers are employed in a software testing company. Some of them prefer freelancing due to certain personal circumstances or preferences. One of the advantages of freelancing is a flexible schedule and the ability to work from home. Freelancing is suitable for getting the first experience and as additional earnings.

There is plenty of sites where freelancers can find work. Some of them are of high quality with all the terms and conditions kept. Others may be not so trustworthy. Here is a list of verified websites suitable for every freelance tester.

Top Websites for Freelance Testers to Find Work

  • upwork.com
  • fiverr.com
  • guru.com
  • freelancer.com
  • indeed.com

Advantages. The site holds 12 million profiles of freelancers and 5 million clients, offering 3 million job vacancies annually. Every freelancer can find either long term or short term job suitable for him/her.

Disadvantages. The platform is big as well as the competitiveness among freelancers. The charge is 20% (rather big compared to other sites). Beginners will get lower-priced freelance jobs before they earn enough experience.

Advantages. Freelancers specify the kinds of jobs they can do according to their skills. They set the price for the performed services which starts at $5. Everything is designed in the form of a gig that can be put to a definite job category.

Disadvantages. This site is designed mostly for beginners with low fee requirements. Many clients do not have enough business knowledge and may ask for extra help.

Advantages. In addition to offering numerous projects, this site allows a freelancer to prove his/her skills in the competition with other applicants for a certain job.

Disadvantages. The site gives only 8 free vacancies before you have to pay a fee. One should have profound knowledge and enough professional skills to compete for the desired vacancy.

Advantages. Here you can easily promote your previous professional experience. This site offers a daily updated list of vacancies that match the claimed skills. The service fee is $8 which is rather low as compared to other sites.

Disadvantages. There aren’t specific vacancies from employers. A freelancer cannot choose the job but has to advertise his/her skills in order to get it.

Advantages. The site collects jobs from the whole Internet. The searching system is rather convenient. Fresh vacancies are sent to your email. The payment fee is not charged.

Disadvantages.  The site is rather plain if to compare with other job searching platforms. The layout and site navigation is simple and not attractive.

Online job searching is the most popular engine in finding and getting a job. At the same time, freelancers should be careful while interacting with unknown sites and people. One should provide sensitive personal information and render services only after making sure that the customers’ offer is legitimate and they are trustworthy.