Should All the Testing Activities Be Entrusted to a Software Testing Company?

Both the development team and the software testing company are responsible for the quality of the constructed software product.

Some developers consider that their task is just to create program code and it is not their job to perform web site testing, desktop testing or mobile testing.

When all the testing activity, including unit testing, is entrusted to a software testing company it takes much time to find and fix the numerous software bugs.

In case the developers perform unit testing of the created modules and make sure that they perform their functions, it permits to reduce substantially time and expenditures spent on further software developing and testing.

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So, Besides Code Writing the Developers’ Tasks Are:

  • Writing special unit-test harness simultaneously or prior to coding the application module. Later it may be used by a software testing company.
  • Elaborating memory-checking programs allowing to discover memory leaks in the application and other necessary unit-testing tools.
  • Performing needed adjustments to the unit-testing harness when the unit code is modified. The developers should be in charge for maintaining unit-testing tools effectiveness and updates.

A development team and a software testing company should keep in mind that they pursue the same aim – end-product of high quality. That is why they should collaborate and help each other.