Selenium vs QTP

Performing automated testing, the specialists may use various tools. This may be a set of Selenium or QTP tools (Quick Test Professional).

Earlier, the QTP tool was held by the Mercury Interactive company. And in 2006 this tool was bought by Hewlett-Packard.

The proper testing tool choice depends on a variety of factors: tested product peculiarities, client’s requirements, time limitations, and so on. But still, the choice mostly depends on the characteristics of the product itself, and software testing company follows exactly this item.


What Is the Difference Between Selenium and QTP?

  • Selenium is a free open source tool, while QTP – a commercial one.
  • The diverse extensions may be connected to Selenium; QTP has a limited number of the additional components.
  • Selenium allows conducting cross-browser testing; QTP works only in Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer.
  • QTP is used only for Windows, and Selenium – for different OS.
  • One may conduct mobile testing using Selenium. QTP supports mobile devices only with the help of the third-party software.
  • Due to Selenium, the tests may be launched simultaneously. In order to have such capacity available with QTP, it is necessary to utilize extra fee-based software (Quality Center).
  • If the browser is minimized, then Selenium will be able to execute the tests. And for the correct QTP functioning, the application under test should be displayed on the desktop.

Sometimes an effective website testing requires exactly QTP usage, not the Selenium toolset. As already mentioned earlier, everything depends on the project peculiarities.